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A not so normal journey to find and heal your inner self…

Being in Control of an Abuser

This is a strange time. Our country is being ‘ruled’ by a sociopath. Interesting. He reminds me of my brothers, my husbands, gaslights. Abusers. Pretending to them that what they … Continue reading

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Me Too Me Too

Taking a nap. Feeling relaxed. Sleeping safely. Trusting people. Not being a light sleeper. Not suspecting peoples’ motives. All things I hope to feel some day. Some day, when I … Continue reading

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Stop Touching Me. an excerpt from, Places I Don’t Want to Be.

via Stop Touching Me. an excerpt from, Places I Don’t Want to Be.

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Stop Touching Me. an excerpt from, Places I Don’t Want to Be.

A poem about not touching me where I don’t want you to be…

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Hello – I am Back!

Hello fellow bloggers. I am back after a move, a marriage, and lots of self work. I had abandoned this for a while because I found out that a stalker … Continue reading

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Social Problems for NCAB and CAB?

How non-contact sexual abuse and contact sexual abuse in childhood create difficult in relationships later on. This has become one of my readers’ favorite topics. Interpersonal relationships can be defined … Continue reading

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Just Wondering

Just wondering if any of you have had post traumatic stress reactions such as – after a trauma is over – then you can’t think, you can’t function, can’t sleep, … Continue reading

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When the Day Feels New

As I go back and re-read the entries here, I realize that many of the people I’ve known have been master manipulators. They take what they want, and they do … Continue reading

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Followers . . . Carl Jung . . . Moving Along

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” – Carl Jung Have you ever thought about all of the people you have helped – … Continue reading

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I hate hate hate hate hate

So in reading some of the other bloggers, I have realized that I never really express any feelings in harsh directions. So this blog post is dedicted to the things … Continue reading

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